Maximize your Visibility by Becoming a Sponsor!

We welcomed over 600 delegates back in 2010 and we are confident to attract a large number of delegates once again for the 4th International Uranium Conference. Our conferences host delegates from over 25 countries, 60% of whom are from industry and 40% are academics.

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Why Participate?

Sponsorship is a key aspect of the U2020 conference, making it possible for the Metallurgy & Materials Society of CIM to offer free e-proceedings and student activities and continue to offer programming to our community. In addition to providing many of your people with significant direct participation in the event as delegates, being a sponsor provides you with solid elements of visibility prior to, during, and after the event.

What can you achieve with Sponsorship?

  • Promote a new product/process

  • Obtain brand visibility

  • Engage a target audience

  • Enhance and solidify your brand image to the community at large

Write to Engin Ozberk: eordit@gmail.com and CC metsoc@cim.org.