U2020 joins forces with the COM 2020 to be together for ONE digital conference on October 14-15, 2020

We invite you to join us digitally from anywhere in the world. Research presentations from U2020 authors will be at your fingertips!

Experts in the field have been working in the last year on their peer-reviewed papers and will present their findings to you. Help encourage the work of these authors and learn about the latest developments in the uranium field. Join us for the first virtual conference hosted by MetSoc.


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Digital access will include:

Featuring live speakers on October 14 and 15:

Kebbi Hughes, Geo-Environmental Scientist, Orano Canada

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The listing below shows all papers in the conference proceedings. A selection of papers will be presented at the virtual conference.

Steel from Uranium?
Mike Dry, Rod Dry

The Optimization Journey of the Harmony Gold’s South Uranium Plant Operation and the Uranium Contribution to the Gold Operation as a By-product
Jacobs, R. E. L. Pobe

Wheeler River Uranium Project
David Bronkhorst, Chad Sorba, Jared Orynik

Safe Usage of Hydrogen Fluoride in Fluorination Systems

K. Adham

Contaminant Dynamics in the Flooded Mine Pit at Abandoned Gunnar Uranium Site, N. Saskatchewan 

Alexey Klyashtorin, Anton Sizo

Pilot Test of the Permeable Reactive Barrier for Removing Uranium from the Gunnar Pit Runoff Water

D. Kong, L.McGilp, A. Klyashtorin, I. Wilson

Community Engagement: When Is It the Right Time to Initiate and How and Why Should It Be Done? 

Mark Liskowich

Planning Radiological Risk Mitigation for Remediation of Abandoned Uranium Mines 

Elizaveta Petelina, David Sanscartier, Alexey Klyashtorin

Evolution of Environmental Monitoring Programs at Canadian Uranium Mines and Mills 

Patty Simpson, Sarah Benson 

Realism and A Zero Carbon Future

M. Hurlbert, L. Shasko

The Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) Provisions of The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) And The Deployment of SMRS in Northern Canada – A Review of Potential Challenges 

Horatio Sam-Aggrey, Margot Hurlbert 

Opening Up Conversations on Small Modular Reactors through the Deliberative Mapping Approach 

L. Shasko

A Simple and Novel Approach for the Sizing and Modeling of Countercurrent  Multistage Ion-Exchange Contactor Systems 

P. Amadieu, B. Quiniou 

Two-Stage Counter-Current Leaching of Uranium Ore From Global Atomic’s Dasa Project 

M. A. Archer, J. A. Brown, F. P. Kerr

Improving Pumping Capacity and Reliability in the McClean Lake Leach Circuit

J. Aydt, H. McLaughlin, W.McCombe, L. Nightingale-Mercer

Recovery of Vanadium as a By-Product in the Acid and Alkaline Processing of Uranium Ores 

S. Burling, M. K. Maley, R. J. Ring, K. E. Prince

Electrolytic Reduction, Precipitation, and Thermal Decomposition of Uranous Sulfate: A Pathway For Closed Loop Sulfuric Acid Recycle 

A. D. Burns, K. M. Nikolaisen

Best Practices in Drying and Calcining of Yellowcake

S. Kashani Nejad, K. Collins, J. Godwin, C.Tovee, M. Bellino

Improving Uranium Processing with Membrane Systems

Adrien Debergé, Georges Croisé, Les-Lee Thompson, Philippe Dubois, Adil Kobzhanov, Nurzhan Otaubayev 

Challenges in Settling Leached Cigar Lake Ore

B. Holaday, H. McLaughlin

Material Characterization – An Absolute Must for Predicting the FlowBehaviour of Your Hazardous Material 

T. Holmes, C. Holmes

Management of Liquid Radioactive Waste from Uranium Conversion at the Siberian Chemical Plant 

S. A. Kotov, N. L. Shinkarkin, I. A. Menshikh, S. I. Indyk 

Metallurgical Test Program for Fission Uranium Corp.’s Triple R Uranium Deposit

L. Melis 

The Research and Development of World Uranium Processing Technologies

T. Oleniuk, J. Zhang

Development and Demonstration of a Novel Elution Process for Chloride Tolerant Uranium Ion Exchange 

J. E. Quinn, K. H. Soldenhoff, S.Wolstencroft, K. Bowes

McClean Lake Mill 55kTDebottlenecking Study 

T. Saruchera, C. Sewell, G. Remple, H. Mokhtari, W.McCombe, L. Nightingale-Mercer

Experimental Study on Application ofEluexin Acid ISL 

Meifeng Zhi, Xixin Chang, Weimin Que, Fengqi Zhao, Zujun Shu, Yuqing Niu, Zhenqian Wen, Hao Wang 

Athabasca Basin Proterozoic Unconformity Uranium Deposits: Alteration, Deposit Geometry and Lithostructural Setting

A. Aubin, G. Zaluski, H. Yang

Structural Geology Summary of The McArthur River Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposit, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan

S. Harvey

A New Analytical Tool for Uranium Exploration: Whole-Rock Boron Coordination Chemistry

Lisa L. Van Loon, Neil R. Banerjee

Cover Systems and Landforms For Remediation of Uranium Mining and Milling Waste – Practical Insights

B. K. Ayres

An Update on the Arsenic Speciation in the Jeb Tailings Management Facility at McClean Lake Saskatchewan via X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure (Xanes) Spectroscopy

P. E. R. Blanchard, J. W. Reid, J. Warner, K. A. Hughes, J.Esslifie-Dughan

A Model City that Made Reparations from Past Uranium Mining And Milling Practices

W. L. Dam

Determination of Radium in Uranium Mill Effluents by ICP-MS

Angelo R. Fernando, Heather Daigneault, Randy Wiens, Kieran Large, Laura Dewhirst, Jim Johnson, Mike Broczkowski

Sampling Design to Best Capture the Aging of In-Situ Tailings: Results and Lessons Learned

Kebbi Hughes, John Rowson, Joseph Esslifie-Dughan, Caitlin Brown

Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository Seal Geometry Optimisation

M. A. Perras, G. Walton, H.A. Kasani

Process Scale-Up for Uranium, Mercury and Cesium Recovery from Surrogate Radioactive Cemented Waste

N. Reynier, M. Courchesne, C. Laviolette, A. Demers, R. Lastra, M. Chapman

Radium in Mining Effluents: Promising Water Treatment and Environmental Monitoring

J. Schick, V. Granger

Evaluation of Elements of Concern in the Jeb Tailings Management Facility using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques

Arthur Situm, Jeremiah C. Beam, John R. Hayes, Peter E. R. Blanchard, Andrew P. Grosvenor, Kebbi A. Hughes, John Rowson 

Orano Mining R&D and Innovation Portfolio and Deployment Methodology 

Hervé Toubon, Jim Corman, Mamane Bello Boubacar Kinassa, Matthieu Davrinche, Pierre Amadieu

Uranium Mine Remediation in Northern Australia

P. Waggitt 

Heap Leaching Optimization for the Imouraren Deposit: Synthesis of a Laboratory Testwork Program 

B. Bossé, N. Durupt, and M.Vaillé, A. Michaut 

Technical Advancements Towards Achieving 1500 T/A Production Rate at the Honeymoon ISR Operation

K. W. Bowes, D. Craib, B. L. Jones, A. Rao, J. A. Davidson

Hidden Risks of Sulphite in Water Systems – SO2 Management at McClean Lake Mill 

N. Chow, G. Remple, W.McCombe, L. Nightingale-Mercer, J. Nikkari

A Study of Factors Affecting Residual Sulphur Content in Ammonium Diuranate During Uranium Milling 

A. Fernando, T. Mambe 

Alkyl Arsines and U

J. Gogal

Predictive Modeling for In Situ Recovery Operation

Gilles Joubert, Gwenaële Petit, Ulan Massimkhanov 

Mineralogy and Modelling – Predicting Uranium Leach Extraction at OlympicDam

V. Liebezeit, K.Ehrig, Y. Li, E. Macmillan, B. Pewkliang, M. Smith 

Uranium in Argentina: Resources, Demand and Perspectives for Nuclear Supply

L. López

Continuous Uranyl Peroxide Precipitation from Combined Solvent Extraction Strip Liquornd Ion Exchange Eluate For The Honeymoon Uranium Project 

M. D. Maley, R. J. Ring, K. Bowes

Uranium Accounting Reconciliation

D. A. Mango, S. Brochot, S.Saparova, A.Kobzhanov 

Hydrogen Mitigation in the McClean Lake Uranium Leaching Circuit – An Update

W. McCombe, L. Nightingale-Mercer

Pugging-Curing Process: Uranium Recovery Model in Orano Mining Somaïr Plant 

A. Michaut, V.Bruned, K. Mohamed

What Will Future Uranium Mining Projects Look Like?

B. Moldovan, M. Fairclough

Reducing Risk from First-of-Kind In-Situ Recovery for the Athabasca Basin

Chad Sorba, Dale Verran, David Bronkhorst, Jared Orynik, Jim Viellenave, Hal Demuth, Errol Lawrence